Order of Sages Pages in WordPress –so you can find your piece as you scroll through the entries!


Order of Sages Pages in WordPress

(–so you can find yours; the most recent entry is first). Apologies for the crazy things WordPress does to the typeface and fonts!

Empowering Students Through a Center-Based Ministry: UT, Austin in the 50’s-70’s by Bob Breihan

Notes from the Higher Education Bureaucracy by David C. Rich

DREAM Catching by John Feagins

Campus Ministry and the University of the Earth by Ted Purcell

Called OUT of Campus Ministry to Motherhood by Debra Brazzel

NCMA: An Obvious Thing To Do! by David Burnight

An Ecumenical Journey: Remembering the Story of Campus Christian Ministry at the University of Washington by David Royer

Campus Ministry in the 60’s and 70’s: Context and Observations by Howard Daughenbaugh

Feisty Women Forging Lifetime Connections by Marna McKenzie

A Peculiar and Extraordinary Journey by Steven Darr

The Thing Itself: The Tapestry of A Ministry in Higher Ed by Thomas Mainor

The Work of the Spirit by Phil Harder

Using the Church’s Empty Spaces for Theater and the Arts by Jerry Miller

BACKING INTO A CALLING– and the Ripple Effect! by Susan Yarrow Morris

My Life Work by Delton Pickering

Change by Manuel Wortman

Our Life in Campus Ministry by Bob and Shirley Cooper

It’s Us or Them: Campus Ministry at Texas Tech by Roger Loyd


Places I’ve Loved…And Never Really Meant to Go by Helen R. Neinast
“For Such a Time as This” by Betsy Alden

Working for Racial Justice in the 60’s in the South by Harry Smith

A Memorial Service for JFK by Hugh Nevin

Reflections, Memories and “Burnt Offerings” by Jim Davis

What I Have Learned after 40 Years on the Same University Campus by Jim Pruyne

Becoming Portals of Love and Openers of Doors by Odette Lockwood-Stewart

Campus Ministry: A Space and Time for Holy Hospitality by Jan Rivero

Three by Thad by Thad Holcombe

Dateline: St. Louis MO / October 27, 1964: NCMA Launched” by George Gunn

An Examined Life by Don Shockley

An Introduction to the Sages Pages by George Gunn

“Ultimate Concerns: Prints and Drawings” by Thomas Niccols
Apartheid: Campus Ministry with the University Community by Bill Ng

Life/Work Planning: Its Origins in Campus Ministry by Verlyn Barker

“Getting the End of the Story” by Chad Boliek

God’s Earthen Vessel by Laura Lee (Wilson) Morgan

Two by Clyde: “The Duke Vigil” and “Walking to Work” by Clyde O. Robinson, Jr.

Creating Social Change by Jim Ray

Sage Report by Ruth Dunn

A Particular Career in Campus Ministry by Diane Kenney

New Jersey UMHE and Campus Ministry by Bernadine McRipley

A Memoir by Darrell Yeaney

Ministry with Blacks in Higher Education by Jim Wilson

Pioneering Campus Ministry for Women by Jan Griesinger

Reflections on the Origins of Ecumenical Campus Ministry at the University of Oklahoma byDon Gipson

Reflections on 40 Years in Campus Ministry by Verlyn I. Barker

Ministry in Higher Education: A Journey by Robert L. Epps


Recollections at Age 88 by J. Emmett Herndon

Tom McCormick, Health and Human Values: Reflections on a Ministry in Higher Education

What Fallout from the In-Between by Wayne Bryan

Out on a Limb by Hugh Nevin

40 Years and Going Strong by Tom Philipp

36 Years in One Place by Paul Walley

 A Life Work in and with Campus Ministry by George Gunn

Collecting the NCMA Sages’ Pages!  By BA changed to Preface

Having His Say by Robert Thomason

Evolving Trends in Campus Ministry on Eight Campuses Over 52 Years by Mark Rutledge

Obituary for Harold Wells, Drake University

A Lifetime of Advocacy for Campus Ministry. A tribute to Barry Cavaghan

Prayers for Hard Times by Walter Fishbaugh


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