Collecting the NCMA Sages’ Pages!

Update–Nov. 1, 2014! 

The Sages Pages are finished—unless YOU, the Contributors, let me know by November 9 if you want to add, delete, or edit anything here! We have the collection almost ready to go to press this month, so you can have a print copy by the end of the year!

Robert Thomason has sent an email to everyone with a request for you to check these over and let us know, so please reply to me asap!

Unfortunately, WordPress “publishes” these in the order I submitted, so I have posted the pieces in the order they are to be found here, to help you find yours! There is also an alphabetical List of Contributors!


With the 50th Anniversary of NCMA, we want to capture as many personal reflections on “careers in campus ministry” as possible. Some of the Sages of NCMA, folks who been active in campus ministry for 15-50 years, have begun this effort, and we ask that other Sages please add your reflections to those we have already collected! To that end, we have set up a WordPress Blog, where you can read these:      Several are posted there now. There is not a word limit, and they can range from a couple of pages’ summaries to longer reflections (up to 10 pages)!

Please write your own, and send it to Betsy Alden at  She will download them as they come in and also create an index of who has posted.  You do not have to join WordPress to read the blog, but if you want to comment, you can get a password and do so, or reply to Betsy.  You can write thematically or chronologically or with vignettes or anecdotes—whatever style is best for you to tell YOUR story!  We want these no later than May 1, so we can collect and publish them to distribute at our 50th Anniversary Conference in St. Louis in July.

Go to the Recent Posts and Archives, pick a few to read, and start writing your own!  Pictures are welcome, too!


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